Have you ever had to rush to the dentist because of a tooth-related emergency? Dentists care for patients in situations like this more often than you might think. It’s pretty common.

There are lots of reasons that this would be necessary. Many of these problems seem inconsequential at first. But then they soon make themselves known as a bigger problem that you weren’t expecting.

But how do you know if it’s bad enough to make an appointment with an emergency dentist? This article will help.

Here are 10 reasons why you might need to call Dr. LaViola, the best emergency dentist in Alexandria.

1. You Have A Loose Tooth

We’re not talking about a kid with a wiggly tooth. We are talking about an adult with a loose tooth.

When teeth come loose in an adult mouth, it’s a whole different ball game compared to children losing teeth. As a grown person, your teeth should have reached maturity which means they remain sturdy. Assuming you’re taking care of them.

If you feel a loose tooth, one possibility is a tooth injury. You may have even sustained in unknowingly. If this is the case for you, chances are you’ve got pain. Time to see an emergency dentist in Alexandria. And certainly, if you know you had an injury to the mouth as a result of a car accident or playing sports, definitely call a dentist.

Even if you don’t perceive anything wrong with your teeth after sustaining an injury or taking a hard hit to the mouth, it may be a good idea to still see a dentist. Just in case. You’ll have to make that decision yourself.

What you don’t want is jaw or nerve damage. These injuries sometimes start with just a little bit of discomfort. But given time, escalate in pain on their own. Seeing a dentist will help you treat the damage before it gets worse.

A loose tooth could also mean that you have a localized infection. If you know for a fact that no injury could have caused your loose tooth, it’s probably best that you see a dentist. There’s no way you can know on your own what type of infection it is.

Loose teeth caused by infection brings on a toothache, usually. This is one sign. If it’s dental caries or gum disease, that’s not good and an emergency dentist in Alexandria needs to see it right away. You don’t want an infection spreading.

2. You Have A Really Painful Toothache

Just like any medical condition or injury, there are different levels of severity, some of which don’t require a doctor’s attention. But if you have a toothache that is absolutely killing you, this is an obvious sign of needing to see an emergency dentist.

Toothaches can be caused by many different things, and a dentist is the one who can identify it. This is important because different kinds of toothaches require different treatments.

If the pain is minor, you may not have to go in.

It’s worth mentioning that toothaches – excluding injury – are almost always caused by lifestyle choices. Don’t be surprised to get a toothache if you drink soda every day, chain smoke, or do other things that damage your teeth.

Still, if you have serious pain that feels like a toothache, contact an emergency dentist in Alexandria, no matter what. Is it really sensitive to touch? Dentist. Does it hurt with the slightest change in temperature? Dentist. Is the pain not going away after many days? Dentist.

3. You Have Aching Or Bleeding Gums

Slightly bleeding gums after flossing isn’t what we’re referring to. Excessive or continuous bleeding after flossing, though? That’s what we mean.

Bleeding that doesn’t stop for a long time. Gums that ache with pain long after flossing or that just ache on their own without flossing. These are all possible signs of gingivitis or gum disease. These are symptoms that an emergency dentist needs to take a look at.

It’s imperative that gum disease is caught and treated in its early stages by a dentist. It spreads and gets worse quickly. In bad cases where it goes untreated for a very long time, it does irreparable damage that can’t be undone. Surgery is typically needed in these cases.

Gum disease grows in stages. Once you let itgo passed a certain stage, you’ve reached the point of no return. Call your dentist after the first signs of gum disease or gingivitis.

4. Your Jaw Is Swollen

If you can tell when touching your jaw and the surrounding area that swelling is happening, this is not good. And if swelling is clearly visible by looking at yourself in the mirror, you’ve probably let it go untreated for longer than it should have been.

A swollen jaw that isn’t retreating is a tell-tale sign of a salivary gland infection. Not only does the jaw swell in the instances, but you’ll have a weird taste in your mouth all the time. Other symptoms include trouble swallowing, trouble breathing, and fever.

When your salivary glands get blocked by a bacterial infection, this is salivary gland infection. It makes it hard for your saliva to perform its proper functions, one of which is to wash away bad mouth bacteria and help break down food.

In all honest, salivary gland infections are really uncommon. But if you experience the symptoms we explained in this section, definitely go to a dentist.

5. You Have A Dental Abscess

What’s a dental abscess? Also known as an abscessed tooth, it’s an infection at the root of a tooth. And it’s very painful.

In order to develop a dental abscess, it would require you to have a cavity that’s been untreated for a long time. Or untreated severe gum disease. And sometimes a chipped tooth can lead to a dental abscess if ignored.

Swollen glands, pus coming out, nasty taste in your mouth, and fever are all common symptoms of dental abscesses. See an emergency dentist in Alexandria right away if you have any of these symptoms. If this is in fact what you have, you’re going to need surgery that involves draining the area.

6. Have A Lingering Canker Sore

Canker sores are common. But if you have one that you can’t get rid of, one that you’ve had for a long time (two weeks or longer), this is not good. A canker is a lesion inside your mouth. There are other types of oral lesions, but canker sores are the most common.

If it won’t go away, it’s at a much higher risk of becoming infected, which will certainly require you to see an emergency dentist in Alexandria. If you have something like this, at least make a call to your dentist for advice.

7. You Get Headaches All The Time

Headaches can happen for all sorts of reasons, and your mouth is one of them.

Sure, stress and sickness and eating cold things fast can cause headaches. But the headaches that last a long time and constantly show up are often linked to your jaw and mouth.

Jaw and tooth pain is very often linked to chronic headaches. What’s worse, the mouth pain that leads to headaches usually then leads to teeth grinding. And teeth grinding exacerbates headaches. So, as you can see, it’s a circular problem.

Teeth grinding, as you would expect, wears down your teeth, particularly the enamel. When that happens, your teeth become really sensitive because they don’t have their protective coat.

Sometimes the solution to this problem is a simple mouthguard. Other times, the solution is more complicated. Which is why you need to meet with an emergency dentist in Alexandria if what we’ve described in this section applies to you.

8. You Have A Tooth That’s Gone Numb

A person would probably feel grateful if a tooth that had been hurting for some time suddenly stopped hurting all on its own. But this is usually not something you should be grateful for. It’s likely that when this happens, an infection has spread to the root.

The result is a numb tooth. If you have absolutely no feeling in a tooth, this is bad. It can also mean that an abscess has made its way down to the root. And what’s in roots of your teeth? Nerves.

A dentist will most likely perform a root canal in the event of a numb tooth.

The moral of this story is that when you have a toothache, pay attention to it.

9. You’re Tired All The Time

Diagnosing a connection between teeth and exhaustion is sometimes tricky. But studies do show a link between oral infection and fatigue.

This is usually one that you just have to feel out yourself and self-diagnose. If you know that you’re always tired and you also know that you have a tooth, mouth, or jaw pain, it’s a real possibility that the two are connected.

Get in touch with an emergency dentist and see for sure if there’s a connection. Plus, that will help you eliminate or confirm that gum disease or an abscessed tooth is or isn’t the cause of your tiredness.

10. You Have A Metallic Taste In Your Mouth

A lot of fillings are made out of metal. If you have fillings in your mouth and you notice that you taste metal, this is not good. This likely means that one of your fillings is loose or cracked.

When this happens, you need to see an emergency dentist in Alexandria straight away. Eating metal is not healthy for obvious reasons. But this is also very bad because a loose or cracked filling makes that tooth very susceptible to developing a cavity or infection.

If you don’t have an emergency dentist in Alexandria attend to this issue right away, you’re asking for trouble. It’ll become a cavity, a toothache, or a root canal. You don’t want those.

Emergency Dentist In Alexandria (? Reasons You Need One) – Conclusion

If you suspect something tooth or mouth-related is going on, contact the best emergency dentist in Alexandria, Dr. LaViola.

As you can see, there are a lot more reasons than a common toothache that would warrant an impromptu visit to the dentist. And most of the time, tooth-related problems left unattended develop into something much worse. Which means more expensive.

Nip these problems in the bud as soon as possible by getting into your dentist asap.