Things to know about All On 4 and how it differs from Conventional Dental Implants?

A missing tooth has a negative impact on how you look and your oral health. The loss of multiple teeth can impact your self-esteem and make it difficult to speak and eat. If you’ve got several missing teeth on the same arch, All on 4 dental implants in Alexandria VA can bring back your smile with just one at Dental masters.

Sometimes, patients will inquire about All on 4 Dental implants in Alexandria VA and how it differs from standard implant procedure?

The All On 4 is a dental implant procedure in which the upper and lower sets of teeth are replaced using just four implants. The Four drilled implants act as a support mechanism for placing a brand new set of teeth fixed.

When using the All On 4 dental implant procedure, the posterior implants are placed 45 deg toward the back of the mouth and then placed in the anterior maxilla region, a jaw region with higher bone density. In comparison to other implant techniques, the All On 4 process doesn’t require the same quantity of bone to anchor the implant.

A Brief History Of The All On Four Implantation Method

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The idea of having a complete set of teeth supported by only a handful of implants was not new. Using an angle of 45 degrees for posterior implants resulted in the creation of All on 4.

Professor Paulo Malo, from Portugal and implant maker Nobel Biocare, was among those who first recognized the potential benefits to treatment and the cost-effectiveness of using the all-on 4 method.

In the 1990s, Prof Paulo Malo, backed financially by Nobel Biocare, carried out an array of research studies to assess the effectiveness of this revolutionary and novel method. In 1998, Prof Paulo Malo treated the first patient ever using the All On 4 procedure.

Nowadays, the All On Four technique is generally regarded as the most effective option for full-arch replacement of teeth.

In the meantime, Prof. Paulo Malo has become an internationally renowned expert in advanced dental rehabilitation. He also invented various other methods to assist patients suffering from complex dental cases.

In addition, Prof. Paulo Malo authored several renowned books on restorative dentistry. He also released various scientific papers and gave lectures around the globe on dental rehabilitation.

On the back of these accomplishments, Prof. Paulo Malo created the Malo Clinic Education, situated in Lisbon, Portugal. He also taught other dental specialists in restorative techniques who were keen to improve their All On 4 Dentistry knowledge.

The Malo Clinic is one of the clinics that our dentist Dr. Theo Spyrakis has attended to enhance his knowledge, understanding, and experience with The All-On 4 method.

Conventional Dentistry Implants Versus. The All On Four technique

In this technique, the dental implant is a tiny titanium screw inserted in the jawbone and can then be used to support a single tooth or a set of teeth. The titanium implant creates the foundation to which dental implants are fixed.

In the traditional process of dental implants, a complete arch rehabilitation needed 6-8 implants to support an entire fixed bridge.

With just two implants placed at the top of your mouth and two angled implants placed behind and back, just four implants are required to support the entire arch.

The primary drawback of the traditional complete arch tooth replacement method is the screwing of an implant in posterior regions that have a low bone density. The introduction of the 45deg angular implant ensured that areas with bone deficiencies in the jaw could be eliminated.

The lower invasive nature of All On 4 dental implants in Alexandria VA also means that the healing process is significantly less time-consuming. As fewer implant fixtures are utilized, it is easier to design and create the ideal replacement tooth.

Oral Bone Health Problems

The”All On 4″ technique has offered patients suffering from oral bone health issues a better alternative. In the past, the absence of upper jaw bone (frequently due to sinus issues or loss of bone) was a significant issue for patients who were candidates for implants and often required bone grafting in order to make the jaw stronger enough to accommodate the implants of 6-8 that older methods required.

However, The All on 4 Dental implants in Alexandria VA is making a significant difference. This is fantastic news for those who have Osteoporosis or who have a deficiency in the jaw bone.

For those who have Osteoporosis, it is common for them to think that they’re not suitable candidates for dental implants because of their low-quality bone. And in the past, it was true. However, since All On 4 removes the requirement for bone grafting procedures, patients who have Osteoporosis are typically eligible for The All on 4 procedure.

It is the same when patients have recoiling upper jaws. Zygomatic implants can be the best alternative. The implants that are the longer anchor to the underside of cheekbones utilize the sinus space, removing the need to depend on the jawbone as the primary support.

These novel options could usually eliminate the need for painful bone grafting procedures in the first place.

Can Anything Go Wrong with All On The 4 Procedure ?

One of the most common fears of patients contemplating any implant procedure is the possibility of something going wrong.

Although the success rates for the all-on 4 processes are extremely high, like with any other surgical treatment, there are a few things to think about when deciding to undergo a surgical implant for dental implants.

Implants for dental purposes may fail, something you can learn more regarding on this page. When considering the All on 4 procedure, there are some aspects that must be considered:

Factor 1

Implants are not correctly placed.

The most significant error with The All On 4 treatment is when implants are placed incorrectly. Implants placed incorrectly can compromise the aesthetic outcomes of the procedure.

Implants that are placed too far away from the front of the mouth can cause the gums to recede, and the dark gray metal of the implant could be seen around the gums.

If implants are placed too far back, they can create an appearance of the new teeth appearing bulky. This could make it challenging to communicate.

If implants are in a way that they are too near to bite the surface, the tooth replacement can appear like they are short and stumpy. This could feel uncomfortable.

Rectifying implants incorrectly placed can be a challenging process. This is why the dentist who performs the procedure, All On 4 dental implants in Alexandria VA, will be equally proficient in the cosmetic and surgical aspects of your procedure.

Factor 2

Cosmetically Trained vs. Surgically Dentists

There are two kinds of dentists who can provide the All On 4 dental implants in Alexandria VA. One of them is trained in surgical procedures, and the other is specially trained in cosmetic dentistry.

Dentists who concentrate more on cosmetic outcomes might not be as proficient in the surgical aspects of this procedure. If complications arise and the dentist isn’t skilled enough to handle the issue, the implants may eventually be exposed, causing gum infection.

The second kind of dentist who can perform the All on 4 is a surgeon. A trained surgeon can do an excellent job in placing the implant into the bone closest to it. However, they are not always thinking about the aesthetic implications that the implants have.

The top dental professionals are skilled and skilled in aesthetic and surgical dentistry, which allows them to precisely place the implants and use their expertise in cosmetic dentistry to create an attractive result for the patients.

Finding a dentist with these two skills is difficult to find, but you’ll reduce the chance of something going wrong by doing this.

Factor 3

Rest after Surgery

After having the All On 4 dental implants in Alexandria VA installed, rest is essential for the process of healing. Concentrating on rest will ensure that your jawbone and gum tissue heal in the critical early phase of recovery. Do not engage in any strenuous physical exercise until your oral dentist has approved you.

In conclusion

The process for implant dentistry is meticulously designed and carried out to ensure that the dental restoration looks natural in form and color and placement. In Dental Masters, we prioritize the health of our patients and aesthetics. All On 4 dental implants in Alexandria VA is the right choice for you. 

This requires a flawless blend of artistic and surgical proficiency. Thus, all of the implants are handled by aesthetic dentists and implantologists who have gained expertise in their particular areas. Offering our services to our clients to their satisfaction is what makes it possible for us to achieve extraordinary results.