I am Dr. Jamie with Dental Masters of Alexandria, and we are here to talk about any and everything. What do I mean by that? Any and Everything in choosing the correct dentist. You’ll hear me talk a lot about why before what. Why that’s important. Why is your diagnosis and what is your treatment plan?

If it’s done in the incorrect way or the incorrect order, you’ll get a solution to a problem you don’t have. Today, we are here to talk about the gummy smile.

One of the things that have helped me be successful over 15 years in this field is this algorithm that we spoke of. With the gummy smile, there are four reasons that you can have a gummy smile and there are four different ways to correct it. Let’s go ahead and get into those four reasons.

Hypermobile Lip

The first reason that you can have a gummy smile is that your lip moves too much. We call it a hypermobile lip. Your lip goes to high. The solution for that is one of the harder solutions. It either involves using Botox or a surgical procedure to tie down your lip.

Teeth Appear Too Small

The second reason is that your teeth appear too small, and that can happen for two reasons. Either when you’re growing in developing, there’s too much gum or gum and bone that cover the teeth and make them look short, or in adulthood through wear and tear, they can become worn down and shortened. The solution to that is either lengthening the teeth by removing some gum and bone tissue or reconstructing your teeth that have been worn and torn.

Low Upper Jaw

The third reason that you can have a gummy smile is that your upper jaw is too low in your face, so the teeth and the gums all show too much. The solution to this problem is if the teeth are all intact, complex orthodontics and jaw surgery. In some cases, if the teeth are damaged and there’s bone loss or infection, it can be done through implant therapy. I have a great case I just completed that you’re going to love, shown in the video.

Grey Zone

The fourth reason is what we like to call in dentistry, the gray zone, which is a combination of the last three reasons we spoke of. The reason this is so important is so that your dentist can look at everything, come up with the proper diagnosis, and the proper treatment plan that you have the best, longest-lasting result.

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