Dr. Jamie Laviola’s Professional Experience

McMillan & Associates, PC
Associate Dentist, November 15, 2011-Present

Clinical responsibilities and skills include all aspects of general dentistry, complex prosthodontic and implant rehabilitation including complex occlusal and TMD therapy, cosmetic dentistry, all aspects of implant surgery including full mouth immediate loading, guided bone regeneration, sinus augmentation, soft and hard tissue grafting, fixed and removable prosthodontics, endodontic treatment including molar root canal therapy, Invisalign and limited orthodontic treatment, oral surgery including exodontia, all levels of sedation including oral conscious sedation and working with anesthesiologists to administer IV conscious sedation and general anesthesia with nasal and oral intubation

Management responsibilities include, tracking and managing supply ordering system, lab system, managing daily tasks and systems and overseeing 6 member team including two hygienists, two certified dental assistants, and 2 patient care coordinators, final interviewing for hiring process, daily conference calls with president and owner Dr. Alex McMillan, monthly conference calls and running quarterly meetings with fortune management, reviewing practice monitors and statistics and consulting with Fortune management, leading discussion and training for staff CE, training and development, facilitating quality communication process with staff, overseeing production, collection, new patient, and other goals.

James A. Burden, DDS & Associates Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry
Associate Dentist, July 2011-December 2011

Clinical responsibilities and skills include general dentistry, complex prosthodontic rehabilitation and occlusal therapy (including fixed and removable), cosmetic dentistry, surgical implant placement, guided bone regeneration and grafting, soft tissue surgery including connective tissue harvesting and grafting, implants (fixed and removable), extractions, endodontics.

Correct Care Solutions, Richmond City Correction
Facility Dentist, July 2011-November 2011

Managed dental care for all inmates, managed all clinical and administrative duties, including training dental assistant, re-organizing dental clinic to implement new health care system and protocols from Correct Care Solutions contract,  ordering of supplies and necessary equipment to provide basic care, surgical exodontia, amalgam, and composite restorations, and prescriptions for medical management,  consulting with in house physician, nurses, and correctional officers, management of proper documentation of all inmates.

Drs LaViola & LaViola, PLLC
Managing  Member & Owner Dentist, July 2006-December 2011
Associate Dentist, July 2005-July 2006

Clinical responsibilities and skills include general dentistry, complex prosthodontic rehabilitation and occlusal therapy (including fixed and removable), cosmetic dentistry, surgical implant placement, guided bone regeneration and grafting, soft tissue surgery including connective tissue harvesting and grafting, implant prosthodontics (fixed and removable), extractions, endodontics.

Business responsibilities and skills included creating practice systems to improve workflow including financial, scheduling, inventory, clinical, and new patient systems.  Monitoring data to analyze the performance of business systems, managing expenses and overhead, managing and leading 4-5 person team, holding staff meetings and morning huddles, and overseeing all the day to day operations.

Continuing Education

Kois Center, Seattle, Washington
Graduate, October 2010

Kois Center, Seattle, Washington
Mentor, July 2012                   

Pikos Institute, Palm Harbor Florida
Soft Tissue Grafting, Dr. Michael Pikos, September 2011

Pikos Institute, Palm Harbor, Florida
Advanced Bone Grafting I, Dr. Michael Pikos, September 2011

The International Institute of Oral Implantology, Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic
Overview of Advanced Implant Surgery and Prosthetic Techniques-Live Patient Mini Residency, Dr. Dominique Rousson, Megagen
USA, Inc., January 2012

American Academy of Restorative Dentistry, Chicago 2012
82nd Annual Scientific Session, by invitation

American Academy of Restorative Dentistry, Chicago 2013
83rd Annual Scientific Session, by invitation

D4D Technologies, LLC, Richardson, Texas
E4D Dentist Elements, Computer Designed Crowns, September 2012

Kois Center, Seattle Washington
Surgical Implant Management,
Drs Norm Ickert and Dean Kois, January 2013

New York University College of Dental Medicine
Enteral Conscious Sedation,
Dr. Anthony Feck, DMD, and Dr. Leslie Fang, MD, Ph.D., March 2012

Northern Virginia Dental Society, Centerville, VA
Enteral Sedation & Emergency Management: Moderate Sedation by Oral Administration Initial Permit
Dr. David Canfield, June 2013

Invisalign, Tysons Corner,  VA
Invisalign Clear Essentials I
Dr. Kathryn Delfs, June 2013

Kois Center Seattle, Washington
Advanced Surgical Implant Management for Compromised Sites
Drs Norm Ickert & Dean Kois, November 2013

Kois Center Seattle, Washington
Direct Resin Bonding,
Dr. Bob Margeas and Dr. John Durango, April 2014

Kois Center, Seattle Washington
Advanced Gingival Surgery
Drs Bill Robbins, and Eric Rindler, September 2014

McCracken Implant Education, Alabama Implant Education, Birmingham, Alabama,
AIE Boot Camp 2014
Drs Michael McCracken & Guy Rosentiel, November 2014

Kois Center, Seattle, Washington
Esthetic Gingival Surgery for the General Dentist, Drs. Robbins & Rindler, January 2009,

Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic, West Palm Beach, FL
Oral Implantology, Three year prosthetic & Surgical mini-residency, 
Robert Miller, Completed Program, May 2009

Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic, West Palm Beach, FL
Implant Placement and Restoration, Dr. Roy C Blake, May 2011
Periodontal Esthetics & Regeneration, Dr. Stuart Feldman, May 2010
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr. Gerald Moretti, May 2006,

International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry World Congress,
Las Vegas, August 2009

Growth Into Greatness Institute, Entrepreneurial Training Academy, October 2007

DEAL Seattle Study Club, Boca Raton, FL
Club Director, Dr. Stephen Rimer, October 2005 – Present


The Art of the Examination, “Success & Failure, They’re Not Mutually Exclusive”, Northbend, WA, May 2010

Kois Study Club Meeting Facilitator
Diagnostically Based Treatment Planning From and Disease and Risk Management Perspective, Reston, VA
Dr. John Derango & Dr. Steve Lambert, Facilitated with Study Club President,  Dr. Rena Vakay, to organize Kois Study Club Meeting,
May 2013


The Kois Center Graduate. Pursuing Dental Excellence,
Editorial Committee


Kois Center, Seattle, Washington
Mentor, July 2012
Annual attendance of scientific symposium, passing mentor examination process including didactic exam and clinical exam demonstrating thorough working knowledge of Kois Center concepts and methods, facilitating students’ learning during courses, and helping students implement clinical concepts into clinical practice.

Kois Center, Seattle, Washington
Editorial Board, 2011-Present
Includes annual editorial board meetings and conference calls, editing of course manuals and materials, mentor exam questions, Compendium, Aegis Communications, LLC,  Kois Center Case of the Month, practice support materials and patient education documents

Academy of General Dentistry, November 2007- Present
American Dental Association,  June 2005- Present
Virginia Dental Association, January 2012- Present
Northern Virginia Dental Society, January 2012-Present
International Academy of Dental Implantology, 2015- Present