Dental implants have given people more than just beautiful smiles. They have also raised people’s self-esteem and confidence to a different level. If you have decided about getting a dental implant, you have probably done the right thing because there are many benefits of this implant if you can take good care of it. 

With Dental Masters, getting dental implants in Alexandria, VA, is now easier than ever. Dental implants in the recent era have become a very common treatment option among adults to replace missing teeth. As much as the figures are staggering, people have a hard time maintaining the longevity of dental implants’ longevity for various reasons. They lack the knowledge of taking proper care after the treatment. 

There are several techniques to maintain the success of the dental implant, including the necessary cleaning to keep it free of destructive bacteria and plaque. Whether you have had your implants for months or are in the process of having one, we at Dental Master, a specialized clinic for cosmetic dentistry including dental implants in Alexandria, VA are here to help you with the right procedures you can follow post your dental implant so that the beauty of your smile is radiating. 

Got Dental Implant Done? Here’s How Can You Take Care Of It

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There are many tips all over the internet that you can take notes of, but the real key is to follow those tips ardently so that your implants are demonstrating good results and you can reap maximum benefits out of them:

  • Use Brush With Soft Nylon Bristles 

After implants, you don’t want to be too harsh on it, but regular brushing is extremely crucial; hence you need to use a soft-bristle toothbrush. According to many studies, there is no specific difference between using a sonic, electric, or manual toothbrush. The reason why we recommend a soft-bristle toothbrush is that after getting your dental implants in Alexandria, VA, you do not make the wrong decision of buying a hard-bristle toothbrush that can easily scratch the surface of your implants. 

  • A BIG NO to Abrasive Products

As people use oral health care products regularly to work on their oral hygiene, they also have a high potential to bring out the hard and soft tissue by virtue of their ingredients. As the abrasive agents are meant to polish the teeth to achieve a glistening finish, if the capacity of abrasives is very low, then the agent cannot remove the stains.

On the contrary, if the abrasion is too high, then the agent can damage your teeth structure. If you are looking forward to dental implants in Alexandria, VA, we at Dental Masters can help you with the best products that will provide you with optimum oral hygiene. 

  • Regular Flossing With Unwaxed Tape or Implant-Specific Floss

Many people need to hear this, regular flossing can be a true game-changer, but unfortunately, not everyone is following that. With dental implants, flossing is more important than ever because plaques can easily accumulate around your implants, leading to oral hygiene issues. 

As we have stated above, there are multiple types of floss available in the market that can change your flossing experience and not disturb your dental implants. Ideally, you use unwaxed tape floss or implant-specific floss to keep your gums safe post-implant. 

  • Do Not Consume Alcohol & Tobacco

It is a very obvious point, but a few people continue to consume tobacco and alcohol even after having freshly installed implants. Consuming such products will be detrimental to your overall oral hygiene in the long run. People with new implants are more susceptible to problems because the implant has not fully integrated into their oral system. Smoking severely reduces the supply of blood to the gums.

Not only does the consumption impact the gums, but it turns down the recovery process significantly. It is not easy to quit your addictions, and you need to make significant adjustments in your lifestyle, but it is never too late to start amends.

  • Sticky and Hard Foods Will Cause Harm

Implants do not promise full chewability, which means that you need to avoid some food to expedite the healing process and maintain the longevity of the dental implants. A few of the food items that you can avoid during implants are hard candies, dry fruits, carrots, popcorn, apples, ice, and edibles containing caramels. 

As mentioned earlier, eating anything reasonably hard to chew can cause problems with opposing teeth while weakening your dental implant structure. 

  • Frequent Visits To Your Implant Dentist

You need to show commitment and visit your Dentist after getting dental implants in Alexandria, VA. This will help you in speedy recovery as well as help the Dentist in knowing the progress post-procedure. Regular visits are also crucial because if there is a problem that can be fatal to your new dental implants, it can be mitigated right on time. 

Not only is the risk of an infection mitigated with timely treatment, but you also can get professional cleaning done to maintain your oral hygiene.

  • Drinking-Water Regularly 

Apart from having the health benefits that water offers, it also helps you produce extra saliva that is important to dental implants. The production of excess saliva will remove extra bacteria from the food and neutralize the acid produced by the bacteria. 

The drinking water aids in saliva production. Drinking water after consuming anything thoroughly cleans the mouth of any residue.

  • Water Flosser At Your Behest

It is one of the greatest inventions because a water flosser can reduce inflammation, bleeding and even reach the spots that are otherwise extremely hard to access. If you think that it is a substitute for traditional dental flossing, you are wrong. It is not. Post your dental implants in Alexandria, VA. Our professionals will advise you on how you can use a water flosser or if the traditional method of flossing will be beneficial enough. 

Why Are Dental Implants Done?

Dental implants act as roots of the missing teeth and are surgically placed within the jawbone to fuse well so that they won’t ever slip, create noise or cause any damage to the bone. The bonus here is that the materials used in the dental implants cannot decay with time, and there are many reasons why dental implants in Alexandria, VA, can be the right choice for you:

  • One or more missing teeth
  • Unable to wear dentures and no willingness to wear dentures
  • Have a disease, decay, or an injury
  • Want to improve your speech

Including many other reasons. Dental implants can give you your lively smile back and restore your ability to chew, keep adjacent teeth stable, preserve gums’ health, and prevent the jawbone from shrinking.

Post Surgery Dental Implant Care

dental implants in alexandria va

The procedure of dental implants in Alexandria, VA’s is the oral surgery. You need to follow the post-operative instructions provided by Dental Masters to avoid any hassle after the treatment. Whether you receive a local anesthetic or choose to undergo sedation dentistry, there will be slight discomfort once the impact of these substances fades away. The following procedures mentioned below will help you speed the healing process and ensure a successful dental implant. 

One of the most important points will be to manage swelling and discomfort that will continue to remain for days or hours. This is very normal to experience, but there should be some signs of improvement. To ease the persistent discomfort, you can choose over the counter pain reliever and ice to control the swelling. You can also choose to take antibiotics; however, you need to make sure that you complete the entire course to minimize the risk of infection. 

The second point that you need to note is that you need to stick to soft foods for the first 3-4 days and avoid hot liquids and spicy items at all times. As you notice your healing process, you can quickly return to your regular diet; however, you should avoid biting hard food in the area of implants. 

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Suppose you want to go for dental implants in Alexandria, VA. In that case, you should consult our highly specialized Dentists at Dental Masters to know the right choice for you, and we will also be happy to take any questions you have about the procedures. 

Dental implants are also the right choice if you don’t want to wear removable dentures and desire a natural-looking smile. We encourage you to reach out to our specialists today and receive an implant consultation to land on the right decision.