Having a broken tooth is not a good feeling, as it can not only affect the look of your smile, but it can cause health problems as well. So, you may be wondering how to fix a broken tooth. If you chip, or break it don’t think that there isn’t a solution for you.

At Dental Masters of Alexandria, our cosmetic dentist has multiple options for your tooth/teeth to be repaired when broken. Let us go over them with you!

Dental Implants

Having a cracked tooth that falls under the gum line would be appropriate for a dental implant fix. As well as any teeth that are passed being treated are a candidate for dental implants. 

The dental implant will mean the damaged tooth is extracted and replaced with a dental implant in it’s spot. The dental implant will act as the tooth’s new root and will be secured into the jawbone to last comfortably over time.

A lot of cosmetic dentists think that getting a dental implant is the best option to replace a missing, or damaged tooth. They’re recommended because of their comfort level and ability to support long term solutions, such as dentures. A big benefit of a dental implant is that it will not damage any surrounding teeth.

If you’re a patient and choose to have dental implants replace your broken teeth, there will need to be X-Rays taken of your jaw first. This is so the dental office can make sure the implant is inserted correctly into place. Then after that the actual procedure can be scheduled to replace the broken tooth.

Dental Implant Procedure

The dental implant procedure entails a surgical attachment of a special titanium screw implant into the patient’s jawbone. The replacement teeth are then attached on top of the screw in place. A benefit of this process is the ensurement of no movement or disruption of everyday functions of the teeth.

Dental implants will appear and feel to be natural. A lot of patients are good candidates for this procedure if they have a stable jaw and strong gum line. As they have to support the weight of the dental implant. 

It’s important to know that a dental implant has to be taken care of in the same way a natural tooth would. Including regular brushing, flossing and 6 month dental cleanings.

The last thing you want is to get food stuck in the spaces between teeth. Since implants aren’t connected to gums, you could be prone to infection.


Getting a veneer is the perfect way to cover up a tooth that’s causing problems looks wise. By bonding a veneer to the front part of a tooth, it completely changes the appearance of the tooth that’s broken or damaged.

When taken care of properly, a veneer can last over a decade. Getting a veneer to fix one broken tooth, or multiple is possible. 

Some of the benefits of getting porcelain veneers are the fact that they can be fit to your tooth and ready to install within a couple weeks. They’re also resistant to staining and the color and shape can be matched to your natural teeth. 

Veneers may also provide strength to the teeth that used to be broken or damaged. If you need multiple teeth fixed, you may even request them to be whiter in order to whiten the appearance of your original smile.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is one of the most popular options for fixing a broken tooth. Bonding creates a replacement that can last up to a decade for repairing a broken tooth. 

The dental bonding process starts by roughening the tooth’s surface and then a liquid conditioning and putty are applied. Then a UV light is used to harden the composite of the bond. The tooth is then shaped and polished when it dries in order to match the rest of the natural teeth.

Dental bonding is a way to repair teeth that are chipped, broken, crooked, or damaged instead of using fillings. They work by placing white filling over the tooth, or between them. After a while, this filling will bond with the teeth and improve the overall appearance of them. Achieving this by coming in multiple shades that can match the natural teeth’s current color.

Dental bonding may be applied on front, or back teeth. It depends on how severe the decay or damage is. The treatment can be finished within a one month span. Also, if the dental bonding ever breaks or chips, it’s easily repairable. 

One thing that patients need to think about though, is that like natural teeth, bonding can become stained over time. Though if applied correctly by a dentist, bonding can last more than a decade.

Root Canal

If a patient has a broken tooth that reaches the root, it’s possible to repair it with a root canal procedure. A crown can be positioned in order to stop the break from spreading further after the procedure. A patient can use a temporary crown in the meantime.

A root canal can be paired with several reattachment techniques, or fillings.

A root canal is a procedure that begins with removing the root that has nerves and blood vessels in the center of the tooth and replacing it with a rubbery filling.

The root canal procedure is done when the inside of a tooth is either inflamed, or infected.


Using a crown is another way to fix a broken tooth. A tooth that is badly chipped, or broken and is causing pain when chewing food, or drinking may need a crown. 

A dental crown is a very common procedure used for teeth restoration. Covering the damaged tooth to protect it and also changing its appearance for the better. A crown can be somewhat of a covering for the damaged tooth. The dental crown protects the tooth that’s damaged so it’s able to survive under any pressure applied during normal activities like eating. 

A crown is a porcelain resin that looks similar to the natural tooth. That way the patient’s smile will look perfectly normal again.

Porcelain dental crowns were created to completely restore the tooth’s shape, but also to make it strong and resilient against further damage. They’re a good option for those who have a broken, or worn down tooth, or if the tooth is partly decayed. The dentist may recommend using a crown rather than an implant in order to protect weak teeth from breaking, or restoring a tooth that’s cracked.

A dental crown is almost like a cap that will be cemented onto the tooth in order to cover the portion that’s above the gum line. It’s like replacing the tooth’s outer surface. Although usually crowns are made of porcelain, some cosmetic dentists offer a combination of porcelain with metal.

Porcelain crowns are usually the more popular option because they have the same appearance of natural teeth and have the same strength to match.

If a tooth is lacking strength to have a filling, a dentist may think a partial crown may work better.

Fix a Broken Tooth With Dental Masters

So, we hope you’ve learned all the ways on how to fix a broken tooth. At Dental Masters, let our cosmetic dentist transform your smile and fix a broken tooth if needed. 

With so many repair options, there’s not a reason you should be living uncomfortably through everyday life with a broken tooth.

By contacting our professional team, your smile will be back to full function and beautiful as ever in no time.