Getting the right cosmetic dentist can be difficult. Many cosmetic dentists in Alexandria, VA, offer a wide range of services to meet your needs.

However, there is only one cosmetic dentist that you need to know about–Dr. Jamie LaViola! 

Dr. LaViola has provided cosmetic dentistry procedures for over 15 years and specializes in teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants, and more! 

But what makes Dr. LaViola the best dentist in Alexandria, VA? What is it you should consider when choosing the right cosmetic dentist?

Let’s find out below.

Things to look out for when choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist 

We’re going to find out the factors to consider when choosing the right cosmetic dentist. 

The Experience of the Cosmetic Dentist 

Make sure you choose a cosmetic dentist with plenty of experience in their field who can get the job done perfectly every time. Dr. Jamie LaViola is an experienced cosmetic dentist with over 15 years under his belt. 

He has over 600 hours of advanced education in the past six years, which means he keeps improving at what he does and delivers. 

You need a cosmetic dentist that will deliver the results you’re looking for and make sure that you are comfortable with the cosmetic dentistry process. 

You’ll get exactly what you want because Dr. LaViola will take his time and explain every detail of the cosmetic journey, so there’s no confusion or misunderstanding at any point in your cosmetic dental treatment plan.

The Location of the Cosmetic Dentist’s Office

Another factor to consider when choosing a cosmetic dentist is their location. 

Dr. LaViola has an office located in Alexandria, VA, making it convenient for those living and working nearby or passing through to set up an appointment with him. 

He also offers free consultations at his Alexandria, VA office, so you can get all your cosmetic dental questions answered, and he’ll even sit down with you to develop a cosmetic treatment plan that’s right for you.

The Reputation of the Cosmetic Dentist 

cosmetic dentist in alexandria va

It’s also essential to choose a well-respected cosmetic dentist in their field and among other professionals. 

Dr. Jamie LaViola is not only known but highly respected within the cosmetic dental field. His excellent reputation comes from the excellent work he’s doing fixing broken teeth, cosmetic veneers, cosmetic crowns, and bridges.

His former clients are always happy and grateful for his services, as proven by the many positive reviews clients leave after a successful procedure at Dr. LaViola’s.

While it’s good to check reviews from previous patients, you can always ask if it’s okay to seek another dentist’s opinion concerning your potential dentist’s reputation.

You can trust to get positive word of mouth from neighboring dentists as they know how excellent Dr. LaViola has been over the years.

The Payment Plan of the Cosmetic Dentist

Whether you have insurance covering the procedure or not, it’s always crucial to check the payment plan first before settling for a particular cosmetic dentist in Alexandria VA.

Ensure you ask about the payment plan and how they accept payments. 

If their office is located far away from your home, it may be a bit tough for you to pay the fees every month so make sure that they have an acceptable arrangement or else look elsewhere.

At Dr. LaViola’s, you can be sure to get the cosmetic dentistry services you need without burning a hole in your pocket. 

He also offers standard industry rates and flexible payment plans, making it easier for cosmetic dentist Alexandria, VA patients to get their cosmetic dentistry services.

Everyone knows that cosmetic dentistry is expensive, but it should not be the reason for you to avoid getting your teeth fixed if they’re causing you pain or discomfort.

With the excellent services Dr. LaViola offers, you can trust that you will enjoy value for your money anytime you stop by for cosmetic dental services. 

The Technology the Dentist is using.

It is best to ask about the technology your dentist is going to use during the procedure. 

You can ask to see the equipment before you sign anything or book an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Alexandria, VA.

Dr. LaViola will be able to explain the technology in detail, answer all your questions and allow you to take a good look at the equipment. 

He will also tell you his experience using that equipment to know you are in good hands. 

The Procedure involves

You need a cosmetic dentist in Alexandria VA who can tell you what procedure they will use so that you are prepared for everything, even before treatment starts. 

Your cosmetic dentist should also tell you what results can be expected from the treatment and how long it will take.

With Dr. LaViola, you’ll have a briefing on the procedure, the results, and how long it will take. He makes the whole process easier and comfortable as you’ll already know what to anticipate as the next step of the process.

The Communication Platforms and Procedures

One of the essential questions you should ask your potential cosmetic dentist is what communication platform they use. 

If you’re unsure, you can seek further clarification of their preferred messaging app so that whenever there’s an emergency or something comes up, and you can easily reach out to them through this channel.

Make sure you’re comfortable with the laid down communication avenues and ask if you can communicate freely about everything concerning the procedures. This will help set a clear record of what was discussed between you and your doctor.

You can have little to worry about when working with Dr. LaViola as he maintains clear communication with all his patients. He’s always there to follow up and answer your most intriguing questions, even after the dental procedures.

The Mirror Illusion

cosmetic dentist in alexandria va

One important thing that most people are not aware of is the mirror illusion used by some cosmetic dentists to showcase how they would look after surgery or treatment has been completed. 

You should make sure all the before-after photos shared with you are actual photos of the patient, not a mirror image. 

This is to assure that you have all your information right and do not fall prey to false advertising or unrealistic expectations from cosmetic dentists in Alexandria, VA.

People tend to get influenced by before-after images because they show only one result, which looks great on every person who has gotten it. 

However, cosmetic procedures are not one-size-fits-all, and the results may vary depending on your skin type, bone structure, etc.

Dr. LaViola and his team will always show you realistic before-after photos of patients who’d been to his office before. 

He will also update you about the progress of your case and how it’s going to be like depending on your skin type and bone structure condition. This way, you know what to expect from the cosmetic dentistry services he offers. 

The Time Factor

Most cosmetic dental procedures take a significant amount of time to perform. This is why it’s essential always to ask how long a specific procedure will take before you get started. 

Since you have many things going and wouldn’t want to eat deeply into your normal schedule, it’s great to know beforehand how much time you’ll be spending at the dentist’s office.

With his excellent communication skills, Dr. LaViola will be able to explain to you every essential detail of the procedure and how much time you’ll need to get everything done. 

The Effectiveness Factor

Cosmetic dentistry services effectively reverse and improve your smile’s aspects, but not all of them will provide instant results. 

For example, whitening teeth may take a few days before you start seeing visible changes; veneers require multiple visits to complete the procedure; teeth implants take months before they are strong enough for you to chew on them.

To get effective results from cosmetic dentistry services, you’ll need an honest dentist who’ll lay everything open to you from the start. 

They should tell you how long you can expect each service to last and not just shorten or prolong the services for their gains.

Dr. LaViola is an industry expert who will tell you the condition of your teeth and make sure that everything is done properly.

His team takes their time to create an aesthetic finish on all their procedures so they last longer. 

They don’t just focus on making money out of each patient; instead, they ensure that everyone leaves with a smile and confidence in themselves. 

Dr. LaViola and his team will not only transform your teeth back to their original state, but they’ll also transform you into a new being with a new great feeling.

Choose the Right Cosmetic Dentist in Alexandria VA: Choose Dr. Jamie LaViola

cosmetic dentist in alexandria va

The chances of going wrong with Dr. Jamie LaViola are slim to none. 

They take the time to give a beautiful finish on all of their operations, which helps them endure longer.

Dr. LaViola and his team will help restore your initial teeth glory in a seamless process at an affordable price range.

You can request a consultation today to book your first session with the best cosmetic dentist Alexandra, VA, has to offer.