Many people lose their teeth on a regular basis despite all the dental care. The reason for this can be anything, including tooth decay, periodontal disease or an injury. Although there are multiple options available for missing teeth, including dentures and bridges, as the field of dental is making breakthroughs, today, there are amazing dental implant treatments that are highly available.

Dental implants are also very important because they restore your smile back and prevent you from developing poor eating habits because you tend to switch towards edibles that are not very difficult to chew, hence preventing you from secondary health problems. 

If you think that you alone have one or more missing teeth, you are 100% wrong. As per to American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), more than 65% of adults between the age of 35-44 have at least one missing tooth. That is why a dental implant comes as one of the most versatile, natural-looking and effective option available.

Dental Masters, Dental Implant Treatment In Alexandria, VA, efficiently comply with the best procedures to carry out successful dental implants that look exactly like your natural teeth. There are a plenty of advantages associated with dental implants, such as:

  • Better Speech: If you go for dentures, there are high chances that they can slip out of your mouth every time, causing slurred speech, but with implants, you are entirely at ease as they do not slip.
  • Highly Comfortable: Unlike removable dentures that keep on causing discomfort, dental implants eliminate the discomfort 
  • Uplifted Oral Health: In other forms of tooth replacement procedures, reducing teeth is highly required, but dental implants don’t need to minimise teeth, leaving them intact. Dental implants also allow easy access between teeth, keeping the oral health problems at bay.
  • Utmost Convenience: Removable dentures are a bit inconvenient to a few of the people because they require adhesive to stay in place 
  • Better Appearance: Needless to say, having dental implants will augment your appearance because they look entirely natural and are designed in such a way that they fuse well with bone. 

Types of Dental Implants 

dental implant treatment

Dental implants possess an artificial root that looks like a screw and is surgically placed in your jawbone. Later, the implant bonds with the natural bone. Interestingly, if we flip the pages of history you will see that Mayans are credited for the first dental implant dating back to 600 A.D. Dental implants are not very uncommon as a matter of fact. According to a statistics, 3 million people in the USA have dental implants, which is increasing at about 500,000 every year. 

Although there are multiple options of dental implants available at Dental Masters, Dental Implant Treatment In Alexandria, VA, such as endosteal implants, subperiosteal implants, zygomatic implants, all on four dental implants, implant overdentures and implant-supported bridges. Let us discuss about each of them below:

  • Endosteal Implants

One of the most common dental implants suits almost all the patients, but these implants require a solid jawbone to fuse it. The general procedure followed in endosteal implants includes the placement of small screws that are placed in the jawbone. These screws act as an artificial root that holds the replaced tooth. 

The metal of choice used in this procedure is titanium because it is much stronger than steel, lighter and not subjected to corrosion. The healing time of this implant is brisk, and it fits reasonably well with the surrounding teeth.

  • Subperiosteal Implants

These are the second most common implant that is used as an alternative to endosteal implants. These are not fixed to the jawbone. Instead, they are placed on the top of the bone whilst being under the gum. Patients with a not-so-strong jawbone can go for this alternative and those who don’t prefer intense oral surgery.

The procedure of this implant requires a metal frame that is set under the gum with a post, and later the gum heals to hold the frame in place. 

  • Zygomatic Implants

A not so standard implant that is only performed when the patient has no jawbone. This procedure is the most complicated of all, and in order to fix the implant, the patient’s cheekbone is primarily focused.

  • All-On-4 Dental Implants

One of the most suitable options for patients who want to avoid dentures is the all-on-4-dental implant, where a tiny titanium screw is placed into the jaw to replace the missing tooth’s root. The end result of this procedure is quite natural looking and produces a functional tooth. The reason why this treatment is called all-on-4 dental implants is because four implants are used per jaw.

  • Implant Overdentures

Until you are ready for tooth extraction, implant overdentures provide a great stability as compared to traditional dentures. There are multiple benefits of having overdentures, including more minor discomfort, less hassle in chewing food, better speech and no denture adhesives. 

  • Implant-Supported Bridge

It is again one of the most effective procedures where one or more teeth are missing and if there is not enough jawbone to handle the impact of the implant. In many cases, the nearby nerves cannot tackle the implant; hence, an implant-supported bridge can always come in handy. 

The procedure of implant-supported bridge is a little extraordinary, and this involved x-rays, teeth impressions, followed by the first surgery. After some time, there is a second surgery with a significantly minor incision. Then comes the restoration phase, after which the final process is attaching a permanent bridge. 

The breakthroughs in dentistry are giving hope to so many problems that face missing teeth or any oral discomfort. Thanks to these advancements, people can now find the best alternative for themselves. Upon consultation, Dental Masters, Dental Implant Treatment In Alexandria, VA will be able to eradicate the problem with the best possible solutions. 

Which One Is The Best

There is no tug of war between any of the implants, and there is a specific variable that we at Dental Masters, Dental Implant Treatment In Alexandria, VA, take care of in order to choose the best for our clients. 

The ideal candidates for certain implants are judge on specific parameters including:

  • Bone

There is a certain amount of bone required to fuse the post well through the surgery. With the help of 3D views and certain other devices, jawbone’s quality can be well examined. If there is not a sufficient jawbone for the dental implant, then there are bone grafting procedures followed to successfully execute the dental implant after bone grafting is completely healed. 

  • Age

Dental implants are successful when it is performed on adults who have completed their phase of growth. This treatment is not possible in children who are too young because their facial structures are yet to be developed. For boys, the preferred age to go for a dental implant is 18, and in girls, it is 16. 

  • Health

Needless to say, in all the surgeries, good health is required to ensure that the treatment plan comes out exactly the same way. Same goes for dental implant surgery. Good oral hygiene, as well as health, is highly appreciated. Any pre-existing problem like gum disease, diabetes, and smoking addiction can act as a massive barrier in treating dental implants. 

What You Should Know Before Getting Implants

dental implant treatment

As you must have gathered an understanding by now, dental implants are secured to your jawbone, and if you want to get the maximum out of your dental implant, you need to make sure that you have a full-grown jawbone and a strong bone structure so that the implant has a good bone to fuse with. 

As a part of the recovery process, there are certain things that you will need to follow. On an average, the healing time of a dental implant varies from four to six months. While you are recovering from the dental procedure, you need to make sure that you follow good oral hygiene and rinse your mouth with warm salt and water solution. You can also start brushing your teeth very gently after your doctor asks you to take all the prescribed medicines right on time to expedite the healing process. 

Dental Master’s oral surgeon will also ask you to stay away from any hard or chewy food and tobacco products. If you follow all the procedures with utmost determination, then the chances of complications are very meagre. 

Dental Masters, Dental Implant Treatment In Alexandria, VA At Your Service

At Dental Masters, we are on a mission to churn optimum results on every dental implant performed. With our skilled oral surgeons, all your dental problems will be at bay and you will always receive the highest standard of service that will bring back your smile and confidence.